Ramanan P. Shanmugam

Computer-based instruction Systems are structured representations of domain knowledge in a computing environment. Research in tutoring system design has focussed on theoretical approaches to learning (e.g. constructionism), technologies (e.g., intelligent tutoring systems) and styles (e.g., collaborative learning). The objective of this research is to develop a tutoring system (TEESS – Textile Engineering Education Support System) for Textile Engineering education.

Most tutoring systems developed until now have dealt with pedagogical issues in simple domains such as mathematics, physics and computer programming rather than more complex domains such as engineering and technology. This is due to lack of knowledge representation (KR) schemas for representing knowledge in complex domains. Therefore, a KR schema for tutoring system design in the domain of textile engineering has been proposed. The tutoring system – TEES – has been developed by integrating the proposed KR schema and multimedia capabilities of present day computers using principles of computer-aided learning. The tutoring system is expected to serve as a tool for imparting textile engineering knowledge to freshman students and new hires in the textile industry.

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