B. Invited Conference and Session Chairmanships


  1. Sixth Annual National Conference on University Programs in Computer Aided Engineering, Design and Manufacturing - UPCAEDM '88, Chaired the session on Software Publishing Programs, June 27-29, 1988.

  2. Workshop on Apparel Product Data Exchange Standards, Organized by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Gaithersburg, MD, Chairman, Session on Barriers and Research Opportunities for APDES, October 4-5, 1989.

  3. MI '90 (Manufacturing International '90), Atlanta, Georgia, Chairman, Session on Practical Considerations for Process Integration in Textile Manufacturing, March 26-28, 1990.

  4. Internationales Symposium Ingenieurpadagogik 90, Vienna, Austria, Chairman, Session on Future Teaching I, July 2-4, 1990.

  5. 1991 ASEE Annual Conference, Chairman, Session on Graduate Manufacturing Programs, New Orleans, LA, June 16-19, 1991.

  6. Indian Computing Congress '91, Hyderabad, India, Chairman, Session on Algorithm Design and Techniques, December 26-28, 1991.

  7. The 21st International Apparel Research Conference, Co-Chair, Session on Business Process Reengineering, Atlanta, Georgia, November, 1994.

  8. The 1996 International Apparel Research Conference, Co-Chair, Session on Manufacturing Strategies, Atlanta, Georgia, November 1996.

  9. The 1998 International Apparel Research Conference: Global Enterprise 2002: Strategies for Success in the Sewn Products Industry, Conference Chairman, Atlanta, Georgia, March 3-4, 1998.


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