Professor  Sundaresan Jayaraman


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pinkdiamd.gif (218 bytes) Educational Background

pinkdiamd.gif (218 bytes) Employment Profile

pinkdiamd.gif (218 bytes) Current Fields of Interest

pinkdiamd.gif (218 bytes) Teaching

A. Course Taught

B. Continuing Education

C. Curriculum Development

D. Individual Student Guidance

E. Teaching Award

pinkdiamd.gif (218 bytes) Scholarship

A. Thesis

B. Published Book and Parts of Books

C. Published Papers (refereed)

D. Other Publications and Product

E. Conference Presentations

F. Patents and Invention Disclosures

G. Research Awards

pinkdiamd.gif (218 bytes) Service

A. Professional Activities

B. On-Campus Committees

C. Engineering Consulting

D. Editorial and Reviewer Work for Technical Journals

E. Other Graduate Thesis Committees

F. Other Contributions

pinkdiamd.gif (218 bytes) Research Proposals and Grants

A. Research Proposals and Grants

B. Research Grants - Contributor

pinkdiamd.gif (218 bytes) Other

A. Professional Honors and Awards

B. Invited Conference and Session Chairmanships

C. Miscellany


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