D. Other Publications and Products

I. Software

  1. Involved in the design and development of TK!Solver, the first equation solving program for personal computers (prior to coming to Georgia Tech).

  2. FDAS: Fabric Defects Analysis System -- A Knowledge-based System developed for DoD with the active participation of the textile/apparel industry.

  3. BEST: Bid Evaluation Software Tool -- A Knowledge-based Decision Support System for enterprise evaluation developed for DoD that has been successfully implemented at Levi Strauss & Co.

  4. ARN-AIMS: ARN-AIMS is an Apparel Information Management System that has been developed under funding from DLA. It is based on the Apparel Manufacturing Architecture (AMA) and is currently installed in a few Defense Apparel Manufacturing enterprises prior to extensive deployment. ARN-AIMS is playing a critical role in DLA's vision for Supply Chain Management in the procurement of defense apparel. Opportunities for commercialization will be explored in consultation with GTRC.

  5. TFE-WEST: Web-Based Educational System for textile engineering.

  6. BOOK: Book of On-line Knowledge: An Internet-based System for creating and disseminating information "on the fly" from basic building blocks.


II. Published Papers (Non-Refereed)

a. Trade Publications

  1. Konopasek, M., and Jayaraman, S., "Expert Systems for Personal Computers: The TK!Solver Approach", BYTE, Vol. 9, No. 5, pp. 137-156, May 1984. Principal author.

  2. Jayaraman, S., "Model to Describe the Manufacturing Process", AMTC Quarterly, Vol. 1, No. 1, August 1988.

  3. Jayaraman, S., and Malhotra, R., "Apparel Manufacturing Architecture: The Function Model", AMTC Quarterly, Vol. 1, No. 3, pp. 1-9, May 1989.Co-Principal Author.

  4. Jayaraman, S., "Materials Handling in the Textile Industry", Textile World, pp. 38-43, December 1989.

  5. Jayaraman, S., "Knowledge-Based Systems Put Data to Work for You", Textile World, pp. 51-52, March 1992.

  6. Jayaraman, S., "Looking into the ITMA Crystal Ball", ATI, pp. 58-60, January 1995 [also appeared in Spanish, Textiles Panamericanos, pp. 28-29, Jan/Feb 1995].

  7. Jayaraman, S., "Information Systems in Yarn Manufacturing: An ITMA '95 Perspective", ATI, April 1996.

  8. Jayaraman, S., "Transforming Information Into Knowledge", ATI, May 1996.

  9. Jayaraman, S., "Information Systems in Fabric Manufacturing", ATI, June 1996.

  10. Jayaraman, S., "Weaving an Exquisite Web of Information: The Internet Way", ATI, July 1996.

  11. Jayaraman, S., "Harnessing the Human Potential in the Plant: The Multimedia Solution", ATI, August 1996.

  12. Jayaraman, S., "Information Technology Outsourcing: A Decision-Maker's Guide", ATI, November 1996.

  13. Jayaraman, S., "Information Systems Strategy", ATI, January 1997.

  14. Jayaraman, S., "Making Information a Competitive Edge", ATI, March 1997.

  15. Jayaraman, S., "Software and Systems: Keys to Success", ATI, April 1997.

  16. Jayaraman, S., "Real-World Solutions", Part I, ATI, October 1997.

  17. Jayaraman, S., "Real-World Solutions" Part II, ATI, November 1997.

  18. Jayaraman, S., "Value Web: The New Paradigm for Success in Business", ATI, January 1998.

Note: APICS has recognized the significance of the "Real-World Solutions" Series of articles for the textile/apparel industry; it is reprinting the two articles in its Newsletter. Overall, all the articles have led to the recognition of the School as a leader in Information Technology Research for the Textile/Apparel Industry.


b. Research Project Final Reports

  1. Jayaraman, S., and Malhotra, R., "Apparel Manufacturing Architecture [Version 1.0]", Volumes I & II, Technical Report SJ-TR-ARCH-9210, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, October 1992.

    Note: These volumes are being distributed by DoD as a reference architecture for the apparel industry; the apparel manufacturing architecture (AMA) also plays a prominent role in a 1993 BAA for a seven-year $40M research program sponsored by DoD.

  2. Jayaraman, S., Srinivasan, K., Dastoor, P.H., and Parachuru, R.,"Analysis of Defects in Trouser Manufacturing: Development of a Knowledge-based Framework, Volumes I, II and III", Technical Report SJ-TR-DEFE-9202, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, February 1992.

  3. Jayaraman, S., and Cidambi, A., "Apparel Manufacturing Architecture [Version 1.5]", Volumes I, II and III, Technical Report SJ-TR-ARCH-9412, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, December 1994. Note: This is an enhanced version of [1].

    All the final reports are not listed here, including the ones submitted in the last 3-4 years.


III. Fabric for Dance Technology Project -- The Atlanta Ballet

Working with graduate student, Ms. Sungmee Park, and costume designers from The Atlanta Ballet, developed a special fabric that was used in a costume for the prima ballerina in the world premiere of Atlanta Ballet's Dance Technology Project. The ballerina remarked "... this was the best costume I had ever worn during a performance in my career; it felt like I had nothing on me during the program ..." -- a compliment of the highest order when a garment is considered to be equal to nature's own garment, i.e., the human skin.


IV. Electronic Publication

The AMA HomePage: A HomePage has been set up for AMA to help researchers utilize the Apparel Manufacturing Architecture in their efforts. The Interactive HomePage is facilitating the use of AMA as the standard for research projects being sponsored by the US Defense Logistics Agency. The DAMA Project at AMTEX has viewed this as a model for its own use on its project.


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