F. Patents & Invention Disclosures

I. Patents

  1. Jayaraman, S., Park, S., and Rajamanickam, R., "Full-fashioned Weaving Process for Production of a Woven Garment with Intelligence Capability", Serial No: 60/059,444, September 22, 1997. This provisional patent has been accepted by the US Patent and Trademark Office under the above number and filing date.
  2. * Three more Invention Disclosures are being filed with GTRC based on additional research carried out since the above filing. These will be followed by applications for Patents on these three Disclosures.


II. Invention Disclosures

  1. Jayaraman, S., "Integral Core-Sheath Carbon Fiber Yarn", May 1987.

  2. Jayaraman, S., and Abhiraman, A. S., "Multilayer Woven Fabrics for Composite Structures", October 1987.     Co-Principal Inventor


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